Mum I love you Card


Mum I love you Card
Mum I love you Card Mum I love you Card Mum I love you Card Mum I love you Card

Struggling for the right words to say? Let us help you write them today!

Our greetings cards feature a customisable 12-line poem for you to edit yourself. Just follow our little writing tips and construct your personalised rhyme in no time. There you go – you’re a poet and you didn’t even know it!

We realise how much the personal touch can mean to someone. Putting your thoughts feelings into rhyming words can be an easy way to brighten someone’s day and promote mental wellness. Because of this, we have chosen to donate 20p from every card order to UK mental health charity Mind (reg charity no. 219830)

Printed onto a luxury, pastel coloured card of your choice supplied by G.F Smith.


5 x 7 inches 


G.F Smith 350gsm


Choose to have your card delivered to your recipient or sent back to you with a spare envelope instead.



Think about your recipient with three ‘key fact’ areas in mind:


- Their life dates & story, career, hobbies & interests, likes & dislikes

- Their personality, nature, habits and mannerisms

- The memories and stories you have, or time you have shared together.


Most importantly, what do you love about them?

Mum I love you Card


Example Card

1) Insert facts about your mum below
2) Within 3 days we email you the poem to check/amend and approve
3) Your card is then printed and sent (please allow 2 days production time)