About Us

Here at WORD IT Rhyme, we believe things are best written down in words. Rhyming words. Tell us about a person, couple, family (even a dog!) and let poet Jess and her team create you a personalised poem to give as a gift.

So whether you’re looking to celebrate a marriage, a special birthday or significant person, we can create a modern, witty verse that puts those important people into words. Each a bespoke one-off.

Celebrate the special people in your life today and make it personal with poetry!


"We live in such a fast-paced world where the small sentiment of a personalised note is sometimes overlooked.

I feel passionate about encouraging as many people as possible to put their feelings and memories into words and my aim is to create a platform where people will never be stuck for words again.

So whether it’s a birthday celebration, a mother’s day gift, a bridesmaid declaration, a wedding speech or a funeral eulogy, Word it Rhyme is here to help."


Jess has always had a way with rhyming words, forever writing quirky verses in friends and family birthday cards. It was only after her own wedding day, when guests were simply wowed by the personalised table poems she had written for every single person (!) that the requests for bespoke rhymes started rolling in from brides around the country. Jess decided to take her talent and make it her occupation. And so, WORD IT Rhyme was born. 

Now Jess and her team write each poem from the studio in London making sure you are 100% happy with the rhyming verse before it is printed. With a casual, modern and witty style, the poem is always a very true reflection of your loved ones.

Give us a try today, and make someone's day!